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Hi everyone
I’m not convinced that this is of interest to anyone but me, but I’m making a list of naturalistically inclined philosophers who work on the mind:


if you can think of anyone to add let me know.



  1. Joshua Stern

    Well, I’m not sure of your criteria. No Quine or Wittgenstein, Davidson, Putnam? No Fodor or Chomsky? Kripke? I’d nominate Stuart Shanker if he’s not excluded by being too Wittgensteinian.

    I guess you want a firewall against analytic philosophy of philosophy of language, as they call it, but for my part I can’t really support such a division.

    Or for that matter, Alan Turing.

    Or for that matter, Emmanuel Kant and maybe David Hume.

    Though perhaps some of those are not entirely “current”!

    You do include Dennett and Chalmers,
    Copeland and Searle, the Churchlands.

    I know it’s a slippery slope, but I think you really ought to include Fodor and Chomsky, and whatever avalanche that may trigger.

  2. gradstudent

    good list. some suggestions: Jose Luis Bermudez, Paul Sheldon Davies, Stephen Downes, Fred Dretske, Bence Nanay, David Papineau, Mark Rowlands, Elliott Sober, Dan Sperber, Michael Tye, Denis Walsh

  3. Glenn


    btw- in terms of selection criteria I’d like to limit the list to currently active philosophers (including emeritus) and at least one professional publication

  4. djc

    a few more, from the first half of the alphabet (ran out of steam after that; highly incomplete even there): holly andersen, louise antony, murat aydede, clare batty, tim bayne, john bickle, alex byrne, mazviita chirimuuta, jonathan cohen, fiona cowie, helen de cruz, craig delancey, opheila deroy, frances egan, naomi eilan, ilya farber, justin fisher, tamar gendler, chris gill, ian gold, guven guzeldere, valerie hardcastle, gilbert harman, anne jacobson, josh knobe, stephen laurence, edouard machery, fiona macpherson, eric margolis, farid masrour, mohan matthen, robert matthews, bernard molyneux.

  5. NevadaGrad

    Great resource, thanks. A handful of suggestions off the top: Torin Alter, Galen Strawson, Brie Gertler, Tamar Zsabo Gendler, Max Velmans, Jonathan Shear, William Lyons and Barbara Montero. Not sure if they all fit the criteria, but didn’t see them on the list.

  6. Brandon N Towl

    You might also want to see who has published in the area by using PhilPapers.org. That might suggest some folks not on the list yet.

    BTW, to make this a truly useful resource, you might want to think about adding some more information. Chances are that most people in the field know who the players are; a list wouldn’t help them. A person outside the field, or a grad student, might not know everyone on the list– but why would they need to?

    As an example of additional useful things, you could, for example

    1) Provide additional links for each philosopher that link to the appropriate PhilPapers.org page for that person’s publications.

    2) Ask around and see which people on the list are open to reading and reviewing paper drafts (and from who). This would take some work, but it would be useful for a grad student, say, to know who in the area is willing to look at some ideas/papers drafts.

    3) A note indicating whether the person is open to invitations on-campus to give a talk (I think this would be, surprisingly, less than the full list, so the info might be helpful).

    Again, these are just ideas off the top of my head. The site is a nice start!

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