Updated version of the list of women working in the philosophy of mind

Earlier this year, Carolyn, Brit and I compiled a list of women working in the philosophy of mind and related fields (including some areas of psychology, and related issues in the history of philosophy). As I explained at the time, the purpose of the list is to help counter the “comes-to-mind”-bias that can affect the way invited conferences and edited volumes are structured, often leaving women out of projects that would benefit from their presence (for more on this subject, see this post by Helen DeCruz).

After posting the list we received dozens of suggested additions to it, about half of which I was able to add to the list before my semester interfered. But now we’ve created a new version of the list, which incorporates all (I hope) of the names that were suggested back in January (now there are almost 200 total names), and includes mechanisms for filtering and sorting as well as a form where readers can add new entries. (However, sort of making the spreadsheet public there was not a way to allow public editing of entries that are already on the list, so this will remain my responsibility — please e-mail me with suggested corrections.) We hope this will continue to be a helpful resource, and are especially grateful to Dave Chalmers and John Dilworth for suggesting so many of the names we’ve added to the original version. Again, here is the link to the list’s new home:

Women Working in the Philosophy of Mind and Closely Cognate Fields

As ever, feel free to leave comments below or e-mail any of us with suggestions for how the list can be improved.

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