Women Working in the Philosophy of Mind

Inspired by Trent Dougherty’s efforts at Certain Doubts to compile a list of women working in epistemology, Carolyn, Brit, and I have spent some time doing the same for the philosophy of mind. Let me quote Trent’s justification for such a project:

I suspect that one of the most common sources of women being
under-represented (even at a rate lower than their under-representation
in the field) at conferences and in edited volumes (full disclosure: one
of my three edited volume projects has no women in it) is the “comes to
mind” bias.  One way to counteract this is to “double check.”  But that
will not be equally easy for everyone and may have pitfalls of its own.

In light of this, clearly some sort of “master list” can be a very valuable resource. Our initial attempt at making such a list is available at the link below. Please note that this is only a first draft, and we are sure it is error-ridden and has left off far too many people, so please suggest additions and corrections over e-mail or in the comments to this post. I will update the file periodically. Thanks!


  1. djc

    great idea. here are some more. this wasn’t at all systematic so i’m sure that there are many, many more.

    miri albahari, holly andersen, kristin andrews, hagit benbaji, emma borg, lisa bortolotti, jessica brown, monima chadha, annalisa coliva, fiona cowie, helen de cruz, peggy desautels, esa diaz leon, paula droege, erin eaker, emily esch, martina furst, verena gottschling, anandi hattiangadi, melinda hogan, gabrielle jackson, hilla jacobson, syd johnson, justine kingsbury, crystal l’hote, ariela lazar, carole lee, hemdat lerman, jeeloo liu, pamela lyon, michelle maiese, michelle montague, kristina musholt, natika newton, rita nolan, susana nuccetelli, nicoletta orlandi, regina rini, sarah sawyer, marya schectman, naomi scheman, laura schroeter, maja spener, amie thomasson, benedicte veillet, barbara von eckardt, bettina walde, laura weed, leora weitzman, asa wikforss, jessica wilson, kritika yegnasharan

  2. Glenn Carruthers

    great idea! here are some others which come to mind

    Lisa Bortolotti (Birmingham) https://www.lisabortolotti.com/

    Jeannette Kennett (Macquarie) https://www.phil.mq.edu.au/staff/kennett.html

    Kristina Musholt (LSE) https://www2.lse.ac.uk/europeanInstitute/research/forumForEuropeanPhilosophy/whosWho/Deputy-Director.aspx

    Pamela Lyon (Adelaide) https://www.adelaide.edu.au/directory/pamela.lyon

    Ellen Fridland (Humboldt) https://hu-berlin.academia.edu/EllenFridland

    Hanne de Jaegher https://hannedejaegher.wordpress.com/

    Jennifer Windt (Mainz) https://www.philosophie.uni-mainz.de/metzinger/windt/

    what are the criteria for inclusion? there are some very good (published) grad students around, like Liz Irvine (Edinborough), Kellie Williamson (Macquarie) and Lauren Swiney (Belfast).


  3. Good work! plus eg Catharine Abell, Margaret Boden, Deborah Brown, Dorothea Debus, Jenann Ismael, Karen Jones, Jeanette Kennett, Catriona Mackenzie, Beth Preston, Diane Proudfoot, Jennifer Radden, Amy Schmitter, Maxine Sheets-Johnstone, Karola Stotz

  4. djc

    also, i don’t know what your policies are on including people who work on philosophy of mind from a primarily historical orientation (i see you include a few). if you want more, a few names that come to mind include: lucy allais, martha bolton, susan brower-toland, deborah brown, raffaella de rosa, lisa downing, katherine dunlop, beatrice longuenesse, anna marmodoro, melissa merritt, jessica moss, komarine romdenh-romluc, marleen rozemond, christina van dyke.

  5. Great initiative! thanks for doing this.
    couple of additions to the prior comments are Dorothy LeGrand, Mog Stableton (Edinburgh), Valarie Giardino (Jean Nicod), myself (Columbia/Umass), and what about big names working on the border of mind like for example Beatrice Longueness (NYU), Elizabeth Grosz (Rutgers) and Lorraine Code (Toronto)?

  6. Carrie Figdor

    Great idea — true story, I started compiling a list several years back (called “Women in Mind”) but didn’t get far (and didn’t use the web to get help) so I just dropped it. That said, I can’t think of anyone who hasn’t already been mentioned.

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