New Contributors Welcome

Thanks to its ever growing community of contributors, Brains’s traffic has increased to about 150-300 unique visitors per day.  As I said before, Brains is a service to the community of scholars interested in the philosophy of mind and related sciences.  Anyone who belongs in this community and would like to contribute to Brains is welcome to contact me.


  1. gualtiero piccinini

    In order to contribute to Brains you should be someone who contributes to the scholarly literature on the philosophy of mind or related sciences.

  2. Edward Ockham

    My specialism is philosophy of language and medieval philosophy of language. I have just completed a book with Jack Zupko (chair, Winnipeg) on an early work of Scotus. He will be happy to supply a reference if you want.My interest in philosophy of mind comes via my interest in philosophy of language (e.g. reference, intentionality, intensionality, that kind of thing), as it has for many philosophers of mind, I think. Would that do?

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