McCulloch in Interdisciplinary Science Reviews

An interesting bunch of papers on McCulloch are available here. Now we have a fairly nice collection of papers that can throw some light on early computationalism.


  1. Ken Aizawa

    Since Marcin linked these articles to computationalism, readers might be interested in a juxtaposition of Gualtiero’s view of McCulloch & Pitts, 1943, and my view.

    Piccinini, G. (2004). The first computational theory of mind and brain: A close look at McCulloch and Pitts’s “Logical Calculus of Ideas Immanent in Nervous activity” Synthese, 141, 175-215.

    Aizawa, K. (2010). Computation in Cognitive Science: It is not all about Turing-equivalent computation. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science 41, 227–236.

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