Recent Work by Brains Contributors

The following articles by Brains contributors were posted to PhilPapers in the past month. Please let me know of any oversights! — JS

Richard Brown (2013). Chalmers’ “Unholy Stew”: Review of Constructing the World by David Chalmers. The Philosophers’ Magazine (61):115-118.

Pete Mandik (2013). What is Visual and Phenomenal but Concerns Neither Hue nor Shade? In Richard Brown (ed.), Consciousness Inside and Out: Phenomenology, Neuroscience, and the Nature of Experience.

John Schwenkler (forthcoming). Review of Rational Causation, by Eric Marcus. Journal of Moral Philosophy.

Shannon Spaulding (forthcoming). Imagination Through Knowledge. In Amy Kind & Peter Kung (eds.), Knowledge Through Imagination. Oxford University Press.

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