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I’m going to have a post up soon introducing Lisa Bortolotti as Brains’ featured scholar for the month of July, but in the meantime there is some more exciting news to announce.

First, CMU’s Wayne Wu has agreed to be a featured scholar during the month of August, when he’ll blog about his recent and forthcoming research on attention as well as his work on agency, schizophrenia, cognitive penetration, and the Two Visual Systems hypothesis.

In addition, I’m very pleased to have worked out an arrangement between Brains and The MIT Press to spotlight work by the authors of their new and forthcoming books in the philosophy of mind. In this vein, two events have been arranged so far:

– Beginning around August 30, we’ll hold a symposium on the new (third) edition of Paul Churchland’s Matter and Consciousness, with contributions by Amy Kind, Pete Mandik, and Bill Ramsey.

– And in late September, Douglas Robinson will contribute a few posts about his forthcoming book Feeling Extended, which advances a novel interpretation of the Extended Mind Hypothesis.

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