CFA: Toward a Science of Consciousness 2014



Toward a Science of Consciousness 2014 Conference 

April 21-26, 2014 – Tucson, Arizona – University Marriott Park

Scientists, philosophers, researchers, scholars, artists and humanists are invited to the 20th Anniversary of the first Tucson conference “Toward a Science of Consciousness” held in 1994. The 2014 conference will reflect on 20 years of progress, present understanding and future directions in the science of consciousness. 

For Registration and Abstract Submission: or


  • Susan Blackmore
  • Ned Block
  • David Chalmers
  • Karl Deisseroth
  • Daniel Dennett
  • David Eagleman
  • Rebecca Goldstein
  • Stuart Hameroff
  • Christof Koch
  • Henry Markram
  • George Mashour
  • John Searle
  • Petra Stoerig
  • Giulio Tononi

and many more….

Abstracts are due by December 15, 2013

The University of Arizona College of Medicine
Toward a Science of Consciousness April 21-26, 2014
Center for Consciousness Studies (520) 621-9317
mobile (520) 247-5785 | Email:

One comment

  1. Great conference poster!

    If they can reproduce half the excitement from the first one, it should be great.

    I attended Tuscon 1994 as a wide-eyed undergraduate, had an amazing experience with a crazy congeries of strange and brilliant people. One minute I’d be talking to paranormal researchers in the back of a cab, the next I’d be at a talk by Koch on his work with Francis Crick.

    The excitement bubbled forth, multiple high-activity listservers were created to continue the conversation, the journals Psyche and Journal of Consciousness studies were born there, so overall, a pretty productive conference.

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