Recent work by Brains contributors

The following articles by Brains contributors were posted to PhilPapers during August and September. Please let me know of any errors or omissions. – JS

Mark Sprevak (2013). Fictionalism About Neural Representations. The Monist 96 (4):539-560.

William Hirstein & Katrina Sifferd (forthcoming). The Significance of Psychopaths for Ethical and Legal Reasoning. In Charles Wolfe (ed.), Brain Theory. Springer.

Marcin Miłkowski (2013). On the Social Nature of Linguistic Prescriptions. Psychology of Language and Communication 17 (2):175-187.

Kristina Musholt (2013). A Philosophical Perspective on the Relation Between Cortical Midline Structures and the Self. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 7.

Carrie Figdor (forthcoming). Verbs and Minds. In Mark Sprevak and Jesper Kallestrup (ed.), New Waves in Philosophy of Mind.

Carrie Figdor (forthcoming). What’s the Use of an Intrinsic Property? In Robert Francescotti (ed.), Companion to Intrinsic Properties. De Gruyter.

Susanna Schellenberg (forthcoming). The Epistemic Force of Perceptual Experience. Philosophical Studies:1-14.

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