Mele wins 2013 Sanders Book Prize

I’m very pleased to say that my FSU colleague Al Mele has won the APA’s 2013 Sanders Book Prize for Effective Intentions: The Power of Conscious Will (OUP, 2010).

From the APA’s site:

The Sanders Book Prize will be awarded to the best book in philosophy of mind, metaphysics, or epistemology that engages the analytic tradition published in English in the previous five year period. For the 2014 prize, eligible books must bear a copyright imprint of 2008 through 2013. All nominated authors must be members of the APA. (If a book is co-authored, both authors must be APA members.)

To be considered for the prize, a book must be nominated by a member of the APA other than the author. A member may nominate only one book. Nominations need only identify the author, title, publisher, and publication date. The APA will contact nominated authors for assurances of eligibility and to secure copies of the nominated book.  …

The winner of the award will receive $7,000 and be presented with the award at the Eastern Division meeting of the association. Co-authors of a winning submission will share equally in the prize.

Nominations for the 2014 prize are due February 28, 2014.

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