Wednesday Links

Apologies for a few weeks of vacation-induced silence. Thanks to Philipp et al. for an excellent symposium, and Kristina and Jakob for what promise to be a very stimulating couple of weeks. I’ll continue posting links periodically through the summer. – JS

The unanimous selection for the Philosophical Explorations Essay Prize 2014 is FSU graduate student Mirja Pérez de Calleja‘s paper “Cross-world luck at the time of decision is a problem for compatibilists as well”. The prize announcement is here. Congratulations, Mirja!

Philosophers’ Carnival #164 is here.

Nick Byrd asked that I repost this CFP for an upcoming conference on “Neurons, Mechanisms, and the Mind” at UC Boulder. Submissions are due July 1.

A recent paper in Case Reports in Neurology describes the case of an “achromatic ‘philosophical zombie'”. (h/t David Rosenthal and others on Facebook)

While I was away, it was reported that a chatbot had “passed” the “Turing test”. Here’s David Chalmers on why those sneer-marks are there; and here’s Scott Aaronson illustrating what it comes to. (h/t Daily Nous for the latter link)

Peter Unger does not think much of “analytic philosophy”; here is Eric Schliesser with a response that I found compelling.

The new music video from OK Go is brilliant, and terrific stuff for those interested in visual tricks. (h/t Brian Keeley and the rest of the world on Facebook)

Finally, in that same vein, Cookie Monster explains self-control. (h/t Jamie Gianoutsos on Facebook)

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