Recent work by Brains contributors

(Sorry it’s been a while since I posted one of these!) The following books and articles by contributors to the Brains blog were added to PhilPapers from mid-July to September. – JS

Marcus Arvan (forthcoming). How to Rationally Approach Life’s Transformative Experiences. Philosophical Psychology.

Robert Briscoe (forthcoming). Review of Words and Images: An Essay on the Origin of Ideas, by Christopher Gauker. Mind.

Robert Briscoe & John Schwenkler (forthcoming). Conscious Vision in Action. Cognitive Science.

Berit Brogaard (2014). A Partial Defense of Extended Knowledge. Philosophical Issues 24 (1):39-62.

Glenn Carruthers (forthcoming). Making Sense of Spousal Revenge Filicide. Aggression and Violent Behavior.

Glenn Carruthers & Elizabeth Schier (forthcoming). Why Are We Still Being Hornswoggled? Dissolving the Hard Problem of Consciousness.Topoi.

Carl Gillett (2014). Brains, Neuroscience, and Animalism: On the Implications of Thinking Brains. Southern Journal of Philosophy 52 (S1):41-52.

Carolyn Dicey Jennings & Bence Nanay (forthcoming). Action Without Attention. Analysis.

Kristina Musholt (forthcoming). Review of S. Prosser & F. Recanati (Eds) Immunity to Error Through Misidentification. Mind.

Kristina Musholt (2014). Review of “The Self in Question” by Andy Hamilton. Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 2014 (7).

Eddy Nahmias, Jason Shepard & Shane Reuter (2014). It’s OK If ‘My Brain Made Me Do It’: People’s Intuitions About Free Will and Neuroscientific Prediction. Cognition 133 (2):502-516.

Frank Scalambrino (2014). Review of Alva Noë , Varieties of Presence. Philosophy in Review 34 (3-4):171-173.

Miguel Ángel Sebastián (2014). La mente extendida. Dianoia 59 (72):169-172.

Adam Shriver (2014). Review of Why Animals Matter: Animal Consciousness, Animal Welfare, and Human Well-Being by Marian Stamp Dawkins. Environmental Ethics 36 (2):253-254.

Katrina L. Sifferd (forthcoming). What Does It Mean to Be a Mechanism? Stephen Morse, Non-Reductivism, and Mental Causation. Criminal Law and Philosophy:1-17.

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