$1.8m grant for a new neuroscience initiative at Duke University

The Duke Philosophy Department is pleased to announce that professors Felipe De Brigard and Walter Sinnott-Armstrong have received a $1.8 million dollar grant from the John Templeton Foundation to conduct yearly Summer Seminars in Neuroscience and Philosophy (SSNAP) starting in May, 2016. Each SSNAP will be a 15 day long seminar in which neuroscientists and philosophers will learn about each other’s discipline, and will then form interdisciplinary teams to design and conduct studies founded by sub-awards. For further information please visit the SSNAP site.

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  1. saint Anthony

    thanks for the update , but how does this affect we those in Ghana where even getting more books or psychology sites to broaden our knowledge in psychology as a whole is a problem. am just a level 100 student at the university of cape coast, Ghana. we are ready to do more than even the early psychologist but it not easy for us.

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