CFP: Collective Self-Awareness

CFP: Workshop “Collective Self-Awareness”

September 10-12, Institute of Philosophy, University of Vienna

Submission deadline: May 3

There has been a growing philosophical interest in Collective Intentionality in recent decades, but the topic of collective self-awareness is still in its infancy. How do we experience ourselves as acting and perceiving jointly? How do we know what we believe, intend, feel and value as members of informal groups? And how do institutional actors such as universities, parties and governments know their minds?

We want to begin exploring this topic in a workshop in Vienna, September 10-12. The following invited participants will make available papers to be read in advance and then discussed during the workshop:

  • John Michael            (Budapest/Copenhagen)
  • Anna Moltchanova   (Carleton)
  • Philip Pettit               (Princeton/ANU)
  • Sebastian Rödl         (Leipzig)
  • Bernhard Schmid     (Vienna)
  • Michael Schmitz       (Vienna)
  • Deborah Tollefsen    (Memphis)
  • Dan Zahavi               (Copenhagen)

In addition, we welcome a small number of contributed talks. We would be especially grateful for contributions that address one or several of the following questions: do insights and theories about 1st person singular self-awareness straightforwardly translate to the 1st person plural, or does the 1st person plural need to be treated in an essentially different way? Are there 1st person plural non-conceptual, pre-reflective forms of self-awareness as has been suggested for the singular case? Do we need different accounts of self-awareness for different groups, or can a uniform account be given? What is the nature of the collective selves that we are aware of?

Please send an abstract of 1000-1500 words in a form suitable for blind review (with your contact details in a separate file) to by May 3. Questions can be sent to the same address. Notifications of acceptance will be sent out by May 18.

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