Request for Proposals: New Directions in the Study of the Mind (Cambridge)

The New Directions in the Study of the Mind Project welcomes proposals for philosophical and scientific approaches to the study of the mind which do not make the physicalist and reductionist assumptions familiar in these disciplines.

Proposals can be for funding that supports various research needs: a major project on a specific interdisciplinary theme; a workshop or a conference; a period of leave to work on a piece of work under the general heading of the project, which may involve course buyout, summer salary or lab time; a research visit to Cambridge to spend time in discussion with the project members; help with bringing a project to publication (e.g. by employing a research assistant); and any other reasonable request for support (e.g. the purchase of books or other materials) for research initiatives which fall under the general project heading.

The funding available for each proposal will be within the range £10,000 to £200,000, with projects lasting for a maximum of two years. Larger proposals will be expected to have a significant empirical component: it is more likely that a larger award would be considered for an empirical project lasting two years; more purely philosophical projects are likely to be supported by smaller sums.

There will be two requests for proposals, one for the academic year 2015-16, and one for the academic year 2016-17. Letters of intent in the current call should be received by 31 July 2015.

For more information, please visit:

New Directions in the Study of the Mind is a research project based at the Faculty of Philosophy in the University of Cambridge, supported by the John Templeton Foundation, under the direction of Tim Crane.

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