Introducing Jennifer Nagel

I am very excited to be introducing Jennifer Nagel, who will be guest-blogging here as our current “Featured Scholar” over the next couple of weeks.

Jennifer holds a PhD in philosophy from the University of Pittsburgh and is Associate Professor and Associate Chair Graduate in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Toronto.  Her research interests are in epistemology and metacognition.

She has recently published “Knowledge: A Very Short Introduction” with Oxford University Press (2014) and is currently working on a book on “Recognizing Knowledge: Intuitive and Reflective Epistemology“. In addition, she has published numerous articles on topics such as knowledge as a mental state, intuitions and their role in epistemology, the meaning of metacognition, and the role of empirical evidence for philosophy. 

Over the next couple of weeks she will blog about her past, current and future work, and we are very much looking forward to her posts.


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