CFP: SPP 2017

Call for Papers: Society for Philosophy and Psychology

Wednesday, June 28 – Saturday, July 1, 2017

Johns Hopkins University

Submission site now open:

Submission Deadline: February 10, 2017

Please submit an abstract of no more than 1500 words. Submissions are refereed and selected on the basis of quality and relevance to philosophy, psychology, and cognitive science. They must be written in a format appropriate for anonymous review and employ gender-neutral language. Individual authors may submit only one abstract as first author, though they may be co-authors on other submissions. All submissions will be considered for oral or poster presentation.

See the meeting page for more information and past programs.

Please submit your abstract by February 10, 2017 to

Keynote Speakers:

Brit Brogaard, Peter Godfrey-Smith, Alison Gopnik, and Dan Schacter

Invited Symposia:

  • Bayesianism in Cognitive Science and Neuroscience: Edouard Machery, Michael Rescorla, Richard Samuels, and Fei Xu
  • Consciousness and Introspection: Elizabeth Irvine, Hakwan Lau, Michael Shadlen, and Wayne Wu
  • Race, Language, and Social Identity: Luvell Anderson, Anthony Burrow, Ron Mallon, and Marjorie Rhodes
  • Testimony and Collective Memory: Alin Coman, Bryce Huebner, Jennifer Lackey, and Melissa Koenig

There will also be addresses by SPP President Shaun Nichols and the winner of the 2017 Stanton Prize, which is awarded to a leading young interdisciplinary researcher. The William James Prize will be awarded for the best student submission, and attendees will vote on the best poster for the SPP Poster Prize.

SPP has established a fund devoted to increasing diversity within the society. Eligible student presenters are invited to apply for travel awards when submitting via Easy Chair. Travel awards are to be used to cover conference-related expenses, including transportation, lodging, food, and conference registration. A limited number of additional graduate student travel awards will also be allocated.

A pre-conference workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, June 28, on Cognitive Science and Aesthetics, co-sponsored by the American Society for Aesthetics. Speakers:

  • art and pleasure: Mohan Matthen, Paul Bloom, Ed Connor, and Dmitri Tymoczko
  • art and skill (perceptual): Diana Raffman and Dustin Stokes
  • art and skill (performance): Emma Gregory, Mike McCloskey, and Barbara Landau; and Barbara Gail Montero
  • creativity: Dan Schacter, Peter Carruthers, Anjan Chatterjee, and Elisabeth Camp

There will also be a general discussion, led by Jerry Levinson, and a dance performance by Barbara Gail Montero and Gregory Kolarus of “Echolocation”, with music composed by Dmitri Tymoczko. Note: submissions concerning cognitive science and aesthetics that are accepted for poster presentation will be included in the first poster session, the evening of the workshop.

Inquiries about the meeting should be directed to the Program Committee Chairs: Steven Gross <> and Tamar Kushnir <>. Inquiries about the local arrangements should be directed to the Local Arrangements Chair Steven Gross.

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