Tim Crane on AI and Agency

This is the first of several short interviews on AI and agency. In the interest of our guests’ and audience’s time, the interviews will be brief, but each interview is supplemented with a reading list that allows readers to explore the topic in greater depth.
We are fortunate to have Professor Tim Crane join us for this first interview. Professor Crane is a leading thinker in the philosophy of mind, perception, and metaphysics, and he holds the position of Professor of Philosophy and Pro-Rector at the Central European University (CEU) in Vienna. He is particularly known for his work on intentionality and his stance known as “psychologism”. He is interviewed by Majid D. Beni.

Reading list

Crane, T. (2020). Computers don’t give a damn: The improbability of genuine thinking machines. TLS. Times Literary Supplement, (6111), 4-6.
Crane, Tim. (2014) Aspects of Psychologism. Harvard University Press
Crane, Tim. (2015) The mental states of persons and their brains. Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplements (76), 253-270.

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