CFP: Introspection Sucks!

Centre for Philosophical Psychology and European Network for Sensory Research

Introspection sucks!

Conference with Eric Schwitzgebel, May 30, 2017 

This is a call for papers on any aspect of introspection (and not just papers critical of introspection, but also papers defending it)

There are no parallel sections. Only blinded submissions are accepted.

Length: 3000 words. Single spaced!

Deadline: March 30, 2017. Papers should be sent to


Final CFP: The Philosophical Significance of Molyneux’s Question

This is a final reminder that submissions for the conference on The Philosophical Significance of Molyneux’s question, at the University of York from June 5-6, 2017, are due by February 15. The invited speakers are Becko Copenhaver, M.G.F. Martin, Mohan Matthen, and L.A. Paul. For further details and to submit your work, visit


Congratulations are due …

Heartfelt congratulations to Felipe De Brigard (Duke University), winner of the 2017 Stanton Prize from the Society for Philosophy and Psychology, and Andrea Scarantino (Georgia State University), winner of the 2017 Simon Prize from the International Association for Computing and Philosophy.

Felipe will give his prize address at the SPP’s upcoming meeting at Johns Hopkins University, and Andrea his at the IACAP’s meeting at Stanford. Both meetings are still accepting submissions …