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Several people asked me what the good philosophy journals are. I can’t say about all areas of philosophy, but I have compiled an informal and provisional ranking based on Leiter’s ranking plus commentaries that were posted on his website in the past. It contains journals that publish in philosophy of mind and related areas. Some of this information may be helpful in other areas of philosophy, but not all. (Journals that specialize in areas other than philosophy of mind are not included.)

The best guide to creating your own ranking is to look at which journals contain articles that get cited by the leaders in your field. As usual, comments are welcome.

A) Journal of Philosophy, Philosophical Review
B ) Mind, Nous, Philosophy & Phenomenological Research, Philosophy of Science, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Behavioral & Brain Sciences

Very Good
Philosophical Studies, Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Synthese, Philosophical Quarterly, Analysis, Biology & Philosophy, Erkenntnis, Linguistics & Philosophy

Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Mind & Language, American Philosophical Quarterly, European Journal of Philosophy, Ratio, Journal of Philosophical Logic, Studies in History and Philosophy of Science

OK Journals Specializing in Philosophy of Mind
Journal of Consciousness Studies, Philosophical Psychology, Minds and Machines

Update: Leiter Reports has a useful page with commentaries on which philosophy journals and well behaved and which aren’t.

Update [3/3/08]: a reader wrote suggesting that the journals Dialectica and Theory be included in the “good” category.


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