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My trusted assistant, John Gabriel, has created a list of online resources on how to study, write papers, apply to graduate school, publish, and get a job in philosophy. Some students may find it useful. Some of the links are to previous posts on this blog, but there is much else besides. The list is also part of my permanent website.

How to Write a Philosophy Paper

Useful web tutorials on writing philosophy papers.

Guidelines on Writing a Philosophy Paper by Jim Pryor
A Brief Guide to Writing Philosophy Papers by Richard Field
Tips on Writing a Philosophy Paper by Douglas W. Portmore
Writing a Philosophy Paper by Peter Horban
How to Write a Philosophy Paper by Jeff McLaughlin

How to Study and Keep a Reading Notebook

Each person studies differently. But there are some worthwhile strategies that most successful students use.

How to Study Philosophy from Queen’s University Belfast
How to Study by William J. Rapaport
Keeping a Reading Notebook by William J. Rapaport
Questions to Consider When Making Reading Notebook Entries from Northern Illinois University

How to Use Faculty Feedback

Recommendations on using faculty to your advantage when working on a paper.

How to Improve Your Paper by Judicious Use of Faculty

How to Apply to Graduate School

Information on whether, how, and where to apply to graduate programs in philosophy.

Applying to Graduate Schools from the Philosophical Gourmet Report
Should I Apply to Graduate School? from the University of Alberta
The Overall Ranking of Graduate Programs in Philosophy in the English-Speaking World from the Philosophical Gourmet Report

How to Publish Your Work

Some tips on publishing your work in philosophy journals.

Getting Published as a Graduate Student
On Avoiding Rejection by Journals by Nancy D. Simco
An Informal Ranking of Journals that Publish in Philosophy of Mind
Philosophy Journals: Which Ones are Responsible, Which Ones Not? by Brian Leiter

How to Get a Job in Philosophy

Advice for philosophy job seekers: General information and observations on applying for philosophy jobs.

Getting a Job in Philosophy and Getting a Job in the USA from the Australian National University
On the Philosophy Job Market
More on the Philosophy Job Market
Advice for Academic Job Seekers from Leiter Reports


  1. John Basl


    I just went through the application process this past year and during that time I maintained detailed blog entries on the different parts of the application. I think it is potentially a good resource (and I plan to keep working on it for future applicants while I’m at grad school). You might think its worth having people look at. You can take a look at If you sort the archives by the subject graduate school you’ll find the relevant posts.


    John Basl

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