SSPP Conference 2007: Submit a Paper!

Just a quick post to encourage people to submit papers to the SSPP conference, April 5-7th 2007, in Atlanta (deadline Nov. 15th). Everyone knows how good the SPP conference is, but I think folks are less aware of the recent rejuvenation of the Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology. In recent years, the contributed program at the SSPP has been attracting a lot of good papers in the philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, epistemology, metaphysics of science and ‘naturalistic’ philosophy generally. Since the SSPP has always been an especially open and friendly conference, this has made for philosophically lively meeting. I strongly encourage people to submit a paper, especially since this year’s Philosophy Program chair, Chase Wrenn, has put together a great invited program:


Keynote: John Searle

Invited Speaker: David Rosenthal

Invited Speaker: Colin McGinn

Symposium on Realization: Gene Witmer, Carl Gillett and Ken Aizawa, 
Chase Wrenn
Symposium on Normative Naturalistic Epistemology: David Henderson, 
Charles Wallis, Michael Bishop and J.D. Trout
Symposium on Intentionality: Chris Gauker, Pete Mandik, John Tienson.


Details on the conference are here (see the links for the CFP or the latest newsletter):


  1. The Hidden Pattern
    A Patternist Philosophy of Mind
    Ben Goertzel

    The Hidden Pattern presents a novel philosophy of mind, intended to form a coherent conceptual framework within which it is possible to understand the diverse aspects of mind and intelligence in a unified way. The central concept of the philosophy presented is the concept of “pattern”: minds and the world they live in and co-create are viewed as patterned systems of patterns, evolving over time, and various aspects of subjective experience and individual and social intelligence are analyzed in detail in this light.

    link to the paper of Ben Goertzel:

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