Synthese Issue on Neuroscience

As I mentioned earlier, an issue of Synthese devoted to computational explanation in neuroscience and related topics is about to come out.  The articles are now available on the Synthese website.  (You can see the abstracts; to see the articles, you or your institution needs to subscribe to the journal.)

G. Piccinini, Computational Explanation in Neuroscience.

C. Craver, When Mechanistic Models Explain.  [Or some such title; I actually could not find a link to Craver’s paper.]

F. Egan and R. Matthews, Doing Cognitive Neuroscience: A Third Way.

O. Shagrir, Why We View the Brain as a Computer.

R. Grush, How to, and how not to, bridge computational cognitive neuroscience and Husserlian phenomenology of time consciousness.

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