Philosophy Sucks!

I recently received an anonymous email telling me that I was being rude by posting so much here and that if I wanted to post that much I should get my own blog. After thinking about it I decided that this anonymous person was right; so I am happy to announce yet another philosophy blog: Philosophy Sucks!

Hope to see you there!!


  1. gualtiero

    Hopefully you don’t agree with anon that you were being rude. A group blog is for its contributors to post on and for anyone to comment on (hopefully in a civil way).

  2. kenneth aizawa

    Any time you do a lot of anything, it gets attention and some will be negative.  I’ve heard that Leiter, for example, rubs some people the wrong way.  Go figure.

  3. anna-mari rusanen


    I agree with the gentlemen here, and I´ll (cyber)send my symphaties to you. Ok, Frege once pointed out that since I cannot have your pain, you cannot have my symphaties, but… what did he know in the first place?

    Eric, do you know anything about the mathematical theories of prediction? I have been reading a recent paper written by Shane Legg about universal theories of prediction, and I just do not understand it.






  4. Eric Thomson


    I have never heard of the ‘universal’ theory of prediction. I looked up his paper and I don’t understand the details: it seems more mathematical than practical, and I tend to focus on the practical (e.g., as in my paper ‘Quantifying stimulus discriminability’ which compares Bayesian classifiers to information-based measures, both of which are very useful in analyzing neural data). The paper can be found here:“>”>

  5. anna-mari rusanen


    Thanks – I think I have already read your paper… It sounds familiar.
    However, I will read it again and then I will ask you many, many,
    many  silly questions. Be patient with me, please, will you? Of
    course, you can always say as a friend of mine once said when he was
    trying to explain some mathematical stuff to me “Woman, this is so
    painful that I have to drink more wine.”…
    But now, have a nice weekend…

  6. erwy

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