Second Online Philosophy Conference

The second annual Online Philosophy Conference (OPC2) is beginning in a week. There are two videotaped keynote addresses, one by Ernie Sosa and one by Jeff McMahan, and papers will be presented by (week one) Delia Graf, Shaun Nichols, Meredith Williams, and Juan Comesana, and (week two) Jonathan Dancy, Gillian Russell, Derk Pereboom, John Fischer, and Caspar Hare. Each paper will include commentary by one or two philosophers and then a comment thread open to the general audience, with presenters responding online.

(From Thomas Nadelhoffer and Eddy Nahmias, OPC2 Organizers)

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  1. Eddy Nahmias

    OPC2 has now begun! Please check it out and participate in the discussion. It’s success depends on people contributing and spreading the word. Thanks, Eddy

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