Memory and Language Workshop (II)

In addition to Corey’s helpful post, here is some information on the workshop sent to me by Sarah Robins of Washington University in St. Louis:

The Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology program at Washington University in
St. Louis has compiled a set of online annotated bibliographies on the
interdisciplinary study of memory and language. The resource can be found here.

The bibliographies are structured around 4 themes:
1) computational modeling and cognitive neuroscience approaches to memory
and language,
2) memory: collective and individual approaches,
3) language acquisition and learning to read in English and Chinese, and
4) theoretical issues in multilevel explanation.

Each bibliography is meant to provide an introduction to the respective
topic, including references to primary texts and review articles, with a
brief summary of each entry provided. We think that these bibliographies
will be of interest to students and researchers in these areas.

These bibliographies were created as part of a workshop organized by the
Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology Program at Washington University in St.
Louis in collaboration with the Center for Cognitive Science Tsinghua
University. The workshop was designed to bring together scholars from
China and the US to discuss the interdisciplinary study of memory and
language. This workshop, supported by the National Science Foundation, was
intended to foster collaborative teaching and research between the two
universities, and between the cognitive science communities in the US and
China, more generally.

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