Are Conservatives People Who Get Easily Scared?

It’s hard to believe, but apparently there is empirical evidence.  This points towards a cure:  if we can teach conservatives to be less frightened by danger, they might abandon their crazy political views. 


  1. wolf

    Even though I sympathize with the sentiment, the “empirical evidence” is [insert suitable derogatory expression]. Reminds me of the “your brain on politics” ( I once thought Science was only for the best kinds of scientific research. But if you tried to publish a so badly executed empirical study in a high-ranking psychology paper, the reviewers wouldn’t even take a closer look.
    There are several issues, but the most blatant one is the statistical analysis. They did separate regressions for the threatening and the non-threatening images? I guess an unfortunate RA had to work long hours until he finally managed to extract some “useable” results. The honestly toiling scientists out there just don’t seem to get these kinds of spectacular results. In order to be publicly discussed you just need to do some badly designed “experiment” involving the candidates or controversial issues.

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