Creationists discover consciousness

I’m writing up a series of posts at my neuroscience blog on the creationists’ recent discovery of consciousness. The first post is here. I’ll be looking at consciousness from many angles, but always through a neuropsychological lens.

Since this is a philosophy forum, I’ll quote the bit that offended my undergrad philosophy advisor:

Over beers many neuroscientists are dismissive when consciousness comes
up. They treat it as a “philosophical” problem, a waste of time for
real scientists. I find this attitude strange. New data fuel conceptual
progress in science, so it seems an empirical approach is the best way
to make headway on something that is clearly a real and important
phenomenon. Avoiding the topic leaves it in the hands of the
philosophers, a fate just a little better than death.

Hey, at least it isn’t worse than death!


  1. And i think one more unavoidable trouble for those who are immobile but show signs of consciousness (dreamers, Locked-in-syndrome patients…)
    Neverthless, he is an honest philosopher who tries to move things forward.

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