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The website Online Education Database has compiled a list of 100 “fascinating” Brain Blogs, including ours.  (Their title says “101 Fascinating Brain Blogs”, but as far as i can tell, they only list 100 blogs.  Go figure.)


  1. stephen

    what does being mean ???to figure that out we first have to ask ourselves what are we really asking ???are we talking about existence ?? no I think not , a chain exists ,a clock exists . fundamentally you are an individual secluded from the outside world . or are you ???rather then straying into the question of life let us stick instead to being . we are here we are aware but aware of what .you would say “aware of the world of course “!!!!!but what we see and hear are creations of our own .I could ask you ” is my red the same as your red “???? and you would think of course red is red !!!!!!its a color just like any other .yes that is true , red is red . but you can not know if in fact the red I see is the red you see . you can not (unfortunately) see thru my eyes and vice versa . so how can you know ???where is the proof of reality if you can not define being around what you see and taste and touch ??? than what should you base it on ???I believe ( and belief is one of the keys to being but ill get into that anther day I hope ) in asking the original question we can not use what we call the real world as our basis for understanding . rather we must use thought . my thoughts your thoughts the thought of everyone as a whole . that I THINK is where the true meaning of being resides , in the mind in the ability to think . because we can not see them or feel them thoughts are less of an illusion. the screen you are reading and the keyboard your using are no more than figments which your mind tells you feels and looks a certain way . Using thought to create reality your body/mind/brain shapes your whole existence so if everything else is based off of thought the ‘being’ itself foundation must lay in thought ????????

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