Review Article on Computationalism

My review of recent literature on Computationalism has recently been published in Philosophy Compass.  I hope it will help people get up to date as well as push the debate forward.  If you are interested in the paper but your library does not subscribe to the journal, feel free to contact me.

Here are some of the themes discussed in the paper:

(1) computationalism is consistent with different metaphysical views about the mind,
(2) computationalism must be grounded in an adequate account of computation,
(3) computationalism provides a mechanistic explanation of behavior,
(4) computationalism was originally introduced on the grounds of neurological evidence,
(5) all computationalists (yes, even classicists) are connectionists in the most general sense, although not all connectionists are computationalists, 
(6) which, if any, variety of computationalism is correct depends on how the brain works.


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