A Sexy Title for a Course on Mind and Evolution

Speaking of evolutionary theory, I’m going to propose a “new-ish” course dealing with evolution and the mind.  The goal is to cover some topics in psychology/neuroscience from an evolutionary perspective.  The problem is to find a good title.  Here are some options:

Evolutionary Cognitive Neuroscience
Evolutionary Psychology
Minds, Brains, and Evolution

My favorite is the first, but I’ve been told by people with more experience that it will not attract enough students at my university (too specialized and abstruse for them).  The second title is out for the same reason.  This leaves the third, unless … does anyone have a brilliant suggestions for a sexier title?


  1. Tad

    I co-taught a similar course with an anthropologist and a psychologist last fall. We used Mind-Brain-Evolution. Got a lot of students. I guess you could borrow Griffiths and Sterelny’s phil. bio. text title, and work mind into it, if you really want sexy. How about: “Sex, Death, and Thought – the role of mind in evolution”.

  2. I like the 3rd the best. Actually, Graham’s idea of “Your Mind, your Brain, your Evolution” is great. Even, “Your Evolving Brain” would be simple and to the point (enough).

    Remember, in this small way you are a salesman, and you should think like one: First, give them what they want; then sneak in what they need.

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