Synthese and the Philosophy of Neuroscience

As most of your know, the journal Synthese publishes a yearly issue on Neuroscience and Its Philosophy, edited by John Bickle.  In recent years, this has been perhaps the highest profile venue explicitly devoted to articles in the philosophy of neuroscience.  John kindly invited me to take over this editorial task beginning with the 2011 issue, and I was happy to accept.

The 2011 issue will be devoted to functional analysis and mechanistic explanation.  It will contain a selection of papers on this topic that were presented at the Pacific APA.  The 2011 issue is probably already full, but obviously there will be more issues to come in the subsequent years, and new papers can be accepted at any time and even published online before they appear in future issues.

Anyone doing good work in the philosophy of neuroscience should consider submitting their papers to Synthese’s yearly issue on Neuroscience and Its Philosophy.  In a short while, an explicit option Neuroscience and Its Philosophy should be set up in Editorial Manager (Synthese’s online submission system), which option can be selected when submitting a paper to Synthese.  When you choose that option, I will be put in charge of refereeing your paper.  I will do my best to provide an efficient, fair, and helpful review process.

In addition, if you are planning a high quality conference or symposium on the philosophy of neuroscience, feel free to contact me to see if the papers are suitable for publication in Synthese.

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