The First Special Issue of Journal of Cognitive Science

on a computational foundation for the study of cognition is now available online for free. (The link to O’Brien’s paper seems to be broken; hopefully it will be fixed soon.) The two subsequent special issues should be opened up shortly.


  1. Thanks for the paper, I have had a quick look and will read it further. At the outset I would just say that the importance of the Chinese Room might be overstated. As a pure experiment it shows no more than automatic tabulation is ‘different’ from human meaning. That is all, as an experiment, which is like me saying my right hand is ‘different’ from my left hand. Further explanation of the difference is required than that banal observation. As Chalmers suggests, automatic tabulation might be fundamentally included within human meaning for its creation. Perhaps human meaning is entirely automatic tabulation, but clearly ‘different’ from looking up a table or even the most complex digital processes currently known. I would not worry too much about Searle, and keep working on tabulation within human meaning.

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