Society for Philosophy and Psychology


39th Annual Meeting
June 13-15, 2013
Brown University, Providence, RI

Submission deadline: Jan. 31, 2013

Submission via EasyChair (open for online submission as of Dec. 1, 2012)


The Society for Philosophy and Psychology (SPP) is the premier academic organization focusing on cutting-edge interdisciplinary research in the cognitive sciences. Leading researchers in psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, artificial intelligence, linguistics, evolutionary theory, anthropology and other disciplines regularly attend the annual meeting.

Daniel Dennett, Susan Fiske, William Fleeson, Lee Jussim, Rebecca Kukla, Stephen Neale, Laurie Paul, Simine Vazire and Deirdre Wilson are among those on this year’s invited program. Sandra Upson, managing editor of Scientific American Mind, will lead a special session on science media and the mind sciences. Invited-program topics include Character Traits, Language in Context, Metaphysics and Cognition, and Perceiving Persons. There will also be addresses by SPP President Michael Devitt and by the winner of the 2013 Stanton Prize, which is awarded to a leading new interdisciplinary researcher; past winners have included Joshua Greene, Adina Roskies and Joshua Knobe.

For the contributed portion of the program, we encourage submissions from across the spectrum of areas of contemporary interest, including (but not limited to) well-being and public policy, psychiatry and mental illness, aging, animal cognition, moral psychology, cognitive development, mind and brain, computation, embodied cognition, innateness, concepts, and mental state attribution and inference.

Submissions should be tailored to one of the following presentation types

(1) Paper presentations. Presenters of accepted papers will be given time slots of either 15 or 30 minutes, depending on the content of the paper, its fit with other papers on similar topics, and overall program balance. When submitting a paper, you have a choice between a short submission of 1,500 words and a long submission of 3,500 words; this is designed to accommodate both empirical papers that may be communicated briefly and theoretical papers that may require a fuller exposition. Both submission formats (1,500 and 3,500 word) are eligible for either talk length (15 min and 30 min).

(2) Posters (abstracts of up to 750 words). Two evenings of the meeting are devoted to concurrent poster presentations.

Philosophical and psychological research may be submitted for any one of the above formats. Work that is not accepted for the author(s)’ preferred format may be considered for presentation in other formats.

Inquiries about the meeting should be directed to program chairs Carrie Figdor and Eranda Jayawickreme.

Inquires about local arrangements should be directed to the local arrangements coordinator Bertram Malle.

SPP Membership and Dues Payment
New and renewing members can now join/renew and pay dues online by credit card or PayPal: https://www.socphilpsych.org/membership.html

Membership inquires should be directed to the Secretary-Treasurer:

        Thomas W. Polger, Secretary-Treasurer
        Society for Philosophy and Psychology
        c/o Department of Philosophy, ML 0374
        University of Cincinnati
        Cincinnati, OH 45221-0374 USA


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