Introducing Susanna Siegel

I’m excited to be introducing our next featured scholar, Susanna Siegel. Susanna is Edgar Pierce Professor of Philosophy at Harvard University.

She received her PhD from Cornell University and works on topics in the philosophy of mind and epistemology.

Susanna has published numerous papers on, among other things, the contents of visual experience, modularity and cognitive penetrability, attention, and the phenomenology of perception.

In her 2010 book “The contents of visual experience” (OUP), Susanna develops a framework for understanding the contents of visual experience and introduces a method for discovering the contents of experience: the method of phenomenal contrast. She goes on to argue that we are conscious of many kinds of complex properties, including causal properties. The book was discussed in a book symposium in Philosophical Studies 163.3.

You can read an interview with her in 3am magazine here.

Susanna will be guest blogging here over the next couple of weeks, and we’re looking forward to her contributions and to discussing ideas from her past, current and future research with her.


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