Signing off

I wanted to thank readers for reading, commenters for commenting, and Kristina Musholt for inviting me to be a guest blogger.  Three cheers for Brains!

The discussions here gave me a chance to think out loud about some questions that are dangling from a book manuscript I’m circulating. It’s called *The Rationality of Perception*. Among other things I defend the idea that perception can result from epistemically evaluable inferences. A big chunk of it is devoted to exploring what sorts of inferences those would be, since they won’t be the kind we engage in when we deliberate explicitly. Comments on the manuscript are very welcome – large or small. Email me if you want a copy.

I’ll be blogging soon at PhilosopHer on related issues about evaluative perception.

Thanks again!



  1. Kristina Musholt

    Thank you Susanna, from me as well! Your posts were excellent, and your visit much appreciated. Apologies for having been unable to participate in the discussion myself.

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