New OA journal: Neuroscience of Consciousness

It’s published by Oxford, sponsored by the ASSCedited by Anil Seth, Biyu Jade He, and Jakob Hohwy, and open for submissions in January 2015. Oh, and it’s open access.

From the publisher’s description:

coverNeuroscience of Consciousness is a new open access journal which will publish papers on the biological basis of consciousness, with an emphasis on empirical neuroscience studies in healthy populations and clinical settings. The journal will also publish empirically and neuroscientifically relevant psychological, methodological, theoretical, and philosophical papers. As well as the primary phenomenon of consciousness itself, relevant topics include interactions between conscious and unconscious processes; selfhood; metacognition and higher-order consciousness; intention, volition, and agency; individual differences in consciousness; altered states of consciousness; disorders of consciousness in psychiatry and neurology; and consciousness in infants and non-human animals.

Author instructions are here.

(via Felipe De Brigard on Facebook)

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