Open Access: Tobia’s “Personal Identity, Direction of Change, and Neuroethics”

In advance of this week’s online symposium, our second on papers published in the journal Neuroethics, Springer has kindly agreed to make our target paper “Personal Identity, Direction of Change, and Neuroethics” open access.  The paper presents an experiment suggesting that not just magnitude of change but also direction of change (improvement or deterioration of character) affects ascriptions of personal identity, and discusses the possible implications of this finding for neuroethical judgments. You can find the paper, by Kevin Tobia (Yale), here.

William Hirstein (Elmhurst), Jesse Summers (Duke), Sarah Molouki (University of Chicago), and Jennifer Rowe (independent scholar) have written fantastic comments on Kevin’s paper. The symposium, which will also include Kevin’s responses to the comments, should be posted late Wednesday evening.

A special thank you to Neil Levy, editor of Neuroethics, for his help and support.


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