CFP: Zahavi on Self and Other (Bochum)

Call for Papers and Workshop Announcement

Ruhr-Universität Bochum
June 20-22, 2016

Prof. Dan Zahavi (University of Copenhagen):

Lectures on Self and Other

Dan Zahavi is Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Center for Subjectivity Research at the University of Copenhagen. He is the author of various books on Husserl’s Phenomenology, Subjectivity and Selfhood, Empathy and Social Cognition. His most recent book is called “Self and Other” (OUP) and explores subjectivity, empathy and shame. It is an honor and a pleasure to host Professor Zahavi for this Lecture series, in which he will present the following four lectures:

1. Subjectivity and Selfhood: Is there a difference?
2. Wittgenstein’s child: Phenomenology, Empathy, and Mindreading
3. Shame and Self-Other-Consciousness
4. Phenomenology of the We

Call for Papers
This is accompanied by presentations from Graduate and PhD Students as well as Postdocs.
Several papers will be chosen to be presented. They should be either on Zahavi’s book or on subjectivity and social cognition more generally. Papers will be selected based on a blind review process.
We invite abstract submissions (max. 1000 words), making thesis and argument transparent, to nike dot zohm at rub dot de. Submission deadline: May 1st, 2016.
Further information:  
Participation is free but seats are limited, so please register by email to nike dot zohm at rub dot de.

Scientific Organization:

Prof. Dr. Tobias Schlicht
Institute for Philosophy II
Ruhr-Universität Bochum
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