The 2017 Minds Online Conference Program is here!

The editors of the Brains Blog, together with the Departments of Philosophy at Florida State University and the University of Houston, are pleased to announce the program for the third annual Minds Online conference.



The conference will comprise three weeklong sessions in September 2017. You will find that each session has a keynote and a few contributed papers — each contributed paper with its own invited commenters. Typically, a brief video introduction will accompany each paper. As always, comments will be open to the public once the invited commentaries have been posted. And commenting will close at the end of each session so that our participants’ attention is always on the current session.

September 11-15 

KEYNOTE: Helen De Cruz (Oxford Brookes)
Contributed Papers:

“The Dark Side of Morality: Group Polarization and Moral-Belief Formation”, by Marcus Arvan (Tampa)

Commentators: Michael Bishop (Florida State), Hrishikesh Joshi (Princeton)

“The Mental Affordance Hypothesis”, by Tom McClelland (Warwick)

Commentators: Derek Jones (Evansville), Julian Kiverstein (Amsterdam), Carlos Muñoz-Suárez (Barcelona)

“Water is and is not H2O”, by Kevin Tobia (Yale), George Newman (Yale), and Joshua Knobe (Yale)

Commentators:  Jussi Haukioja (Norwegian University), Dan Weiskopf (Georgia State)

September 18-22

KEYNOTE: Bertram Gawronski (Texas, Austin)
Contributed Papers:

“Remembering as a mental action”, by Santiago Arango-Muñoz (Antioquia), Juan Pablo Bermúdez (Externado de Colombia)

Commentators: Felipe De Brigard (Duke), Kourken Michaelian (Otago)

“The Good of Boredom”, by Andreas Elpidorou (Louisville)

Commentators: Zachary Irving (Virginia), Jennifer Windt (Monash)

“The Unity of Moral Attitudes”, by Derek Shiller

Commentators: Derek Baker (Lingnan), Tristram McPherson (Ohio State) and David Faraci (Georgetown)

“Implicit Bias and the Unconscious”, by Ege Yumusak (Cambridge)

Commentators: Grace Helton (Princeton), Katherine Puddifoot (Birmingham)

September 25-29

KEYNOTE: Edouard Machery (Pittsburgh)
Contributed Papers:

“Two Varieties of Cognitive Penetration”, by Greyson Abid (UC Berkeley)

Commentators: Dimitria Gatzia (Akron), Athanasios Raftopoulos (Cyprus)

“Perceptual Precision”, by Adrienne Prettyman (Bryn Mawr)

Commentators: Alison Springle (Pittsburgh), Christopher Hill (Brown)

“Attention and Encapsulation”, by Jake Quilty-Dunn (Oxford)

Commentators: Wayne Wu (Carnegie Mellon), EJ Green (MIT)





Thank you to everyone who presents, comments, and participates. And, of course, thank you to everyone who volunteers to review submissions and comment on papers. Minds Online cannot happen without all of you!


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