The 3rd Annual Minds Online Conference Starts Monday!

Minds Online Conference begins in just a few days! We know, we’re excited too!


What you need to know

  1. The 2017 program is here:
  2. Please do share the conference online. The conference hashtag is #MindsOnline2017.
  3. You can subscribe to email notifications of all papers in the menu of the website. (Search for the “Subscribe” button), via RSS, or via
  4. You can subscribe to all comments for a particular post via RSS
  5. You can subscribe to a particular paper’s comments when you write a comment on that paper. (See the checkboxes below the comment box labeled “Notify me of new comments via email”).
  6. If you want to use bold, italic, underlining, hyperlinks, or other formatting in your comments, see these instructions: WordPress Markdown quick reference.


The Timeline of each Session

Saturday: Each contributed paper in the session will be posted (with its invited comments) so that they can be read in advance. Commenting will not yet be enabled.
Monday: Commenting will be enabled on each post in the session. We will try to send an email to all conference participants when a session’s commenting is made open.
Saturday: First, commenting on the week’s session will close. Second, the following session’s papers will be posted (with its invited comments).

Monday: Commenting will be enabled…(you get the idea).





Thank you to everyone who presents, comments, and participates. And, of course, thank you to everyone who volunteers to review submissions and comment on papers. Minds Online cannot happen without all of you!

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