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We are very pleased to announce the beginning of Neural Mechanisms Online, i.e. the first international cycle of webinars (=online seminars) on the Philosophy of Neuroscience! The webinars will be held from January to July 2018, every two weeks (see the calendar below). They will deal with hot topics of the philosophy of neuroscience. Several outstanding researchers from all around the world will present their paper, which will be shared via our mailing list. During the session, the author will present their work (30-45 min) and discuss it with the participants (how it works).

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Time (GMT)*


12 January15-17Philipp Haueiss
26 January15-17Marco Nathan
9 February15-17Charles Rathkopf
23 February15-17Edouard Machery
9 March8-10Colin Klein
23 March15-17Daniel C. Burnston
6 April15-17Alfredo Vernazzani
20 April15-17Felipe De Brigard
4 May15-17Joseph McCaffrey
18 May15-17Carl Craver
1 June15-17Jacqueline Ann Sullivan
15 June15-17Mazviita Chirimuuta
29 June8-10David M. Kaplan (TBC)
13 July15-17Matteo Grasso


* Notice that time is based on Greenwhich Mean Time (GMT), and can vary due to timezones and daylight saving time.

The Neural Mechanisms team

  • Fabrizio Calzavarini
  • Agostino Pinna Pintor
  • Marco Viola


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