A Couple of Venues

Just a quick reminder about two venues for good work in the philosophy of neuroscience:

Synthese used to publish a yearly Special Issue in the philosophy of neuroscience. The format has changed slightly, in that the papers are now published as they are accepted, but they are collected together online as something called Topical Collection. Also, Gualtiero Piccinini is still the guest editor who processes submissions in the philosophy of neuroscience. If you want to submit to this track, you have to select “Neuroscience and Its Philosophy” when you begin your submission. Many great papers in the philosophy of neuroscience have been and continue to be published here.

Springer publishes a book series in the philosophy of neuroscience called Studies in Brain and Mind. It has a good track record of publishing high quality books, many written or edited by junior authors from underrepresented groups or countries.

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  1. Abed Peerally

    Great initiatives towards developing a proper perspective of consciousness. It is an important aspect of my books on the theory of everything and of the origin of the universe. I wonder whether I could approach Springer to publish my coming two books.

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