Symposium on Joseph Gottlieb’s “Verbal Disputes in the Theory of Consciousness”

It’s my pleasure to introduce our next Ergo symposium, featuring Joseph Gottlieb’s “Verbal Disputes in the Theory of Consciousness“, including commentaries by Jonathan Farrell, Assaf Weksler, and Josh Weisberg. I’d like begin by thanking each of the participants for their great work.

CFP: ESPP 2020

The 28th annual meeting of the European Society for Philosophy and Psychology will take place in Leipzig, Germany from August 31 to September 3, 2020. Keynote speakers are Victoria McGeer, Dorit Bar-On, Vicky Southgate and Herbert Clark. The deadline for submissions is April 1. For further details see:

4. The Negative Semantic Argument

It is important to realize that first-personal phenomenal consciousness is all-or-nothing. Any given mental state is either phenomenally conscious or it isn’t. It makes no sense to talk of degrees of phenomenal consciousness, or partial phenomenal consciousness. This is another place where some of the distinctions drawn in Monday’s post …

3. Reducing the Phenomenal

The phenomenal concept strategy has been pursued by many different authors. The basic idea is to explain the problematic thought experiments (zombies, Mary, and the explanatory gap) in terms of the distinctive set of concepts we can use when thinking about our own access-conscious nonconceptual mental states. People differ over …

CFP: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Locating Representations in the Brain, Synthese Topical Collection

We’re pleased to announce a call for papers for a Synthese Topical Collection* on Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Locating Representations in the Brain Guest Editors: Sarah Robins (University of Kansas) and Jessey Wright (Stanford University). The concept of ‘representation’ has become ubiquitous in neuroscience, especially in light of recent advances in …

Symposium on Michel and Morales, “Minority Reports: Consciousness and the Prefrontal Cortex”

I’m very pleased to announce our latest Mind & Language symposium on Matthias Michel and Jorge Morales’ forthcoming “Minority Reports: Consciousness and the Prefrontal Cortex.” Our outstanding commentators on the target article include Liz Irvine (Cardiff), Benjamin Kozuch (Alabama), and Michael Pitts with Kevin Ortego (Reed College). 

JOB: Tulane University

The Tulane University Philosophy Department is hiring a Professor of Practice in the area of Asian Philosophy/Buddhism, with an AOC in the Philosophy of Mind.  Professors of practice are non-tenure track but continuing positions with full benefits, and with opportunities for long-term employment and increases in compensation.  Professors of practice …