Intrinsic Functional Organization of the Nervous System

Jeff Dauer sent me this interesting article.  In my humble opinion, more philosophers of mind should pay attention to more of this kind of science.


  1. Eric

    Interesting. I wonder how they know these anticorrelations aren’t just due to anticorrelated large-scale flow in the brain’s circulatory system. It would be nice to see follow-up studies with single unit recordings from multiple areas. Either extracellular or, preferable, intracellular (the latter because BOLD measures ‘slow’ dendritic voltage fluctuations: synaptic activity, which won’t show up in extracellular recordings). The problem with that is that nobody can record from the requisite number of cells using sharp (intracellular) electrodes.

    Perhaps calcium or voltage imaging, as in Yuste’s work (amazing stuff, incidentally: see this paper).

  2. Biochemists Reveal More Secrets of the Synapse
    Almost every neurological activity depends on the passage of information between brain cells via the synapse. Now, biochemists at Weill Medical College of Cornell University in New York City have identified a key event in endocytosis — a biochemical process that’s crucial to keeping the synapse on track neuron

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