Wednesday Links

Below are some links that I thought would be of interest to readers of the Brains blog. I intend to start publishing posts like this with some frequency, but am not a great surfer of the Internet, so feel free to share links in the comments, or pass them along to me via e-mail or Twitter, or on Facebook. — JS

The Atlantic‘s Alexis Madregal on neuroscientific lessons from things we can’t unsee (h/t Gabriele Contessa on Facebook)

Tanya Lewis of LiveScience on a neurological case studied by Brains blog contributor Berit Brogaard (h/t Brit Brogaard on Facebook)

NDPR reviews of Carl Craver and Lindsay Darden‘s In Search of Mechanisms: Discoveries Across Life Sciences and Michael Pardo and Dennis Patterson‘s Minds, Brains, and Law: The Conceptual Foundations of Law and Neuroscience

[UPDATE: I meant also to include Oron Shagrir’s review of Brains blog contributor Marcin Miłkowski‘s Explaining the Computational Mind, which was published at NDPR earlier this year]

Brains blog contributors Richard Brown and Pete Mandik interview Bernard Baars about the Global Workspace Theory of Consciousness

IBM’s Watson can now debate its opponents, almost certainly at a higher level of intelligence than many college undergraduates (h/t Don Howard on Facebook)

Al Mele is blogging about free will at the Templeton Foundation’s “Big Questions Online”

And paper submissions for the APA’s Central Division meeting are due June 2 (h/t Wayne Wu, who’s on the organizing committee and notes some phil. of mind sessions on the program, including myself and Louise Richardson discussing Matt Fulkerson’s book The First Sense; a session on attention and crowding with Ned BlockDeclan Smithies, and Adrienne Prettyman; and a memorial session for Fred Dretske with Peter Graham, Chris Hill, Karen Neander, Brian McLaughlin and Tim Schroeder)

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