Friday Links

More links below. Keep them coming! — JS

Slate‘s Sam Kean on the true story of frontal lobe patient Phineas Gage (h/t LeiterReports)

In the same vein, Kean again, this time in Wired magazine, on what happens when a surgeon removes your hippocampus (h/t David Pereplyotchik on Facebook)

Claire Wilson in the New Scientist on the increasingly “scientific” character of psychiatry (h/t David P. again)

Amy Kind at Aesthetics for Birds on the role of imagination in aesthetic enjoyment (h/t Amy Kind on Facebook)

More Pete Brown and Richard Mandik, this time videochatting on transhumanism and existentialism

And be sure you haven’t missed Lewis Powell‘s excellent open letter to Neil deGrasse Tyson, in response to some silly remarks about the value of philosophy (h/t Branden Fitelson on Facebook)

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