Tuesday Links

A donor has given $7.7 million to the University of Michigan to fund an institute in cognitive science.

Here’s another excellent reply to Neil deGraase Tyson’s remarks on philosophy, this time from Massimo Pigliucci. (h/t Daily Nous)

Should we move beyond blameBarbara H. Fried and other philosophers discuss. (h/t Kyle Fritz on Facebook)

Recently there have been couple of interesting threads at Brian Leiter’s blog: one on the ethics of live-blogging lectures; another on the challenges of publication for philosophers outside the Anglophone world.

And finally, a couple of upcoming events at Duke University might be of interest to readers in the area: a conference on the work of Fred Dretske on May 14, and then a workshop on the philosophy of information from May 15-16. (h/t Felipe De Brigard)

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