Adina Roskies will live-stream “Representational Similarity Analysis in neuroimaging…” this Friday

We are excited about the next Neural Mechanisms webinar this Friday. As always, it is free. You can find information about how and when to join the webinar below or at the Neural Mechanisms website—where you can also join sign up for the mailing list that notifies people about upcoming webinars, webconferences, and more!

Representational Similarity Analysis in neuroimaging – Proxy vehicles and provisional representations

Adina Roskies
(Dartmouth College)

10 April 2020
14-16 Greenwich Mean Time
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Abstract.​ Functional neuroimaging is sometimes criticized as having nothing of interest to offer those interested in psychology: it is only concerned with where in the brain things happen, not how they happen. Although this criticism has never been a valid one, novel analytical methods increasingly make clear that imaging can give us access to constructs of interest to psychology. In this paper I argue that neuroimaging can give us an important, if limited, window into the large-scale structure of neural representation. I describe representational Similarity Analysis, increasingly used in neuroimaging studies, and lay out desiderata for representations in general. In that context I discuss what RSA can and cannot tell us about neural representation. I compare it to a different experiment which has been embraced as indicative of representation by psychology, and argue that it compares favorably.

Join the online session (up to 10 minutes before it begins) | Read the paper (forthcoming in BJPS)

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