Summer Seminar on Self-Control at Florida State University

The Philosophy and Science of Self-Control (PSSC) project is hosting a five day summer seminar on the topic of self-control for up to twelve graduate students and recent Ph.D.s (Ph.D. received no earlier than 2012). The aim is to enhance participants’ capacity to do scientific or scientifically informed research on …

Symposium on Helming, Strickland, and Jacob, “Solving the Puzzle about Early Belief-Ascription”

I am very pleased to launch our latest Mind & Language symposium on Katharina A. Helming, Brent Strickland, and Pierre Jacob’s “Solving the Puzzle about Early Belief-Ascription” from the journal’s September 2016 issue, with commentaries by  Hayley Clatterbuck (Rochester), Marco Fenici (Florence), Daniel Hutto (Wollongong), Josef Perner (Salzburg), Rose Scott (UC Merced),  and Evan Westra with Peter Carruthers (Maryland).

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